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Tall Ship is a Private Debt Issuance Platform and Financial Transaction Intermediary based in Chicago, Illinois. Closely-held and managed, Tall Ship, a primary Account Holder on the Orebits Corp, Distributed Ledger platform is in the process, now scheduled for release in the Fall 2017, of issuing one or more Secured Convertible Debentures, fully collateralized by up to 200,000 units of Tall Ship’s fully owned and controlled, gold reserve-backed Orebits.AU digitized Smart Certificates (“Orebits”). .

Tall Ship works closely with Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB’s), Accredited Investors (AI’s), Family Desks, Institutional Funds, and Pensions in order to capture and develop Secondary Markets investment, investor participation, and greater distribution of the Orebits asset unit.

As a Private Debt Issuance Platform, Tall Ship Partners Fund serves as the primary marketplace conduit for the effective development and greater global positioning of the underlying Orebits crypto-asset unit.

Orebits Asset Unit

Fully disclosed, fully transparent crypto-security instrument.

Private Desk

The creation of continuous funding sources and liquidity.

Secured Debentures

Issuance of secured convertible debenture offerings.


Management Services

Oversee financial operations, internal controls & regulatory reporting.

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Orebits Asset Unit

Orebits are separate and distinct from other crypto-assets or crypto-currencies, many of which are built on the concept of digital ether. Orebits combines blockchain-based distributed ledger technology backed by an underlying proven gold reserve asset.

Each Orebit is backed by a 5:1 proven Reserve Ratio and each Orebit Troy ounce digital certificate is further backed by an underlying 10-year term Repurchase Agreement from the original claim holder.

Orebits are structured as a fully disclosed, fully transparent Security Instrument, in essence, a Crypto-Security.

At present, Orebits are exclusively presented to Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB’s) and Accredited Investors (AI’s).

Private Desk

Proceeds from the issuance of Tall Ship Secured Convertible Debentures are strategically allocated and deployed in order to create continuous funding sources and provide liquidity required to finance and/or directly invest in the following financial opportunities:

  • The acquisition of proven-claims for future digitization and distribution
  • Finance and/or invest in short to intermediate term income-producing commercial real estate platforms
  • Investments in pre-IPO stage financial technology (“fintech”) companies specializing financial data capture and management, banking and payments systems, financial intermediation and settlements, crypto-asset development
  • Establishment of additional reserves for future lending or investment initiatives

Each Tall Ship Secured Convertible Debenture participant may elect to participate in or opt-out of specific Lending and/or Investment activities executed by the Desk.

Tall Ship, in addition to performing in the role of a Pooled Vehicle for leveraging Orebits as Collateral for Lending or Surety purposes, has secured an exclusive forward-looking agreement with Orebits Corp. to develop a US-based Exchange, Broker-Dealer and/or an approved ATS platforms involving direct sale, transfer, or investment in Orebits.

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Secured Convertible Debenture Offerings

With a prospective increase in the issuance of Tall Ship Secured Convertible Debentures, Tall Ship may soon exercise existing and agreed-upon Orebits Options allowing the Company to effectively increase its current holdings to an amount equal to or greater than 400,000 Orebits.

In addition to aggregate rights at the 400,000 level, inclusive of those currently owned and/or those subject to immediate exercisable Option, Tall Ship has secured a First-Right-of-Refusal Option over an additional 600,000 Orebits, effectively controlling and/or “Optioning” control over a total of 1,000,0000 Orebits.

At the current $1,280.00 price of a single Troy ounce of gold, a gross Orebits holding amount of 1,000,000 units would equate to approximately $1,280,000,00 in prospective value for the Tall Ship Desk.

Orebits Marketplace Fluidity

Tall Ship and/or its affiliates, in managing financial operations, internal controls, administrative services, and regulatory reporting, the Company has engaged the following strategic partners and primary vendor relationships:

MCM Advisors, LLC is a Chicago, Illinois based provider of a diverse array of banking-industry service and support platforms. An underlying services contract between the respective entities serves to assist Tall Ship in maintaining high-integrity asset protection policies, financial reporting, internal governance standards, and procedural controls.

MCM Advisors, itself majority-owned and operated by skilled banking industry professionals—employing a proprietary Bank Service Bureau Platform (“BSB”)—will ensure effective Client-Investor services delivery, product integrity, and professional services execution encompassing a full complement of regulatory compliance, Bank Secrecy (BSA) oversight, enterprise risk-management, financial reporting, crypto-technology expertise, and cyber-security protection services.

American Deposit Management Corporation will maintain, manage and provide customer account services for all Client-Investor Orebits Account Holdings to be maintained in individual Custodial-Escrow Accounts held on deposit at the SEC licensed Treasury Management concern.

ADM currently manages an array of institutional deposits, money-market funds, financial settlement escrows, trust accounts and like-assets for approximately 700 US Banks, Trust Companies, Municipal Government Agencies, Law Firms and Judicial Bodies.

Verittas Risk Advisors LLC (New York, NY) will provide Orebits Distributed Ledger and ADM Custodial-Escrow Account Audit oversight and Policy & Procedure Compliance and Reporting.

Global Atlantic Partners Corp. (Boston, MA) will provide Global Advisory Services, Crypto-Technology & Crypto-Currency Platform Management and Market Distribution services, including QIB and Accredited Investor engagement and expertise.

Orebits Corp Gold claim owners have had an ongoing problem of obtaining liquidity for their proven gold reserves. Although sitting on the proven and verified value of gold, claim holders have been forced to accept penny-on-the-dollar financing and unfavorable streaming agreements to raise the needed money to mine the gold from the ground. Orebits Corp. has solved this dilemma by creating a new asset category called Orebits.AU that marries the automation and immutable efficiencies of blockchain & distributed ledger technology to the value of unrefined gold claims, providing short-term liquidity and favorable financing alternatives for today’s gold and precious metal reserve owners.

Orebits patent-pending digitization process disrupts traditional gold reserve financing models, whereby a reserve owner goes to a traditional lender and securitize his reserves to gain liquidity -- a painfully long and expensive process due to the deep discounting of the value of the proven reserves. By leveraging the power of the distributed ledger and smart contracts, Orebits Corp is able to tie fractional portions of the underlying unrefined gold reserves directly to the value of gold, securing it by the claim on the unrefined gold itself. By doing so, Orebits Corp. has effectively developed and market-proven the world’s first highly collateralized crypto-security which, unlike Bitcoin and/or Ether, is tied to an actual physical asset. The resulting Orebits.AU digital certificates are KYC-compliant and satisfy SEC compliance regulations, making Orebits.AU the world’s first KYC and SEC-compliant crypto-security and Orebits Corp the first SEC compliant asset digitization process.

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